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          Voting activities

          The integration of ESG aspects is also governed by the Group voting principles defined in the Active Ownership Group Guideline. The exercise of voting rights is steered and coordinated at Group level, to align voting choices to the investment strategy, the Group values and the issues identified in the materiality matrix.

          The Generali Group is in favour of submitting proposals at shareholders’ meetings it participates in aimed at disseminating best practices on governance, business ethics, social cohesion and environmental protection, and undertakes to express an opinion on similar proposals from other shareholders. 

          The Group voting principles also set out the Group’s position on fair treatment of shareholders’ rights, anti-takeover mechanisms, sustainability in the composition of the board (in terms of diversity, independence, etc.), transparency and quality of financial disclosure, as well as the inclusion of ESG variables in remuneration policies for managers.

          In 2019, the Group participated in 1,414 Shareholders’ Meetings and voted on 18,472 resolutions, 13% against, confirming the Group’s commitment to support sustainability best practices.


          2018 Annual Report on Active Ownership 4 mb