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          People’s health is very important to us: it is one of the essential parts of our business activities and a major area of social intervention. We are committed to raising awareness and providing education on the issues of sustainability, ageing populations, disease prevention and addiction, maternal and neonatal health, and the adoption of healthy lifestyles, including amateur sports initiatives. We support medical research, and we also focus on projects to improve road safety.

          Potholes project: the project was conceived in 2011 and involves road monitoring by drivers who are encouraged to report any potholes to the regional governments and road maintenance services through an app and website. Since 2017, the project does not concern only Czech Republic, but it has been successfully extended also to Hungary and Slovakia.

          In Hungary:

          • since 2011 the Generali health bus visits a number of cities on a yearly basis, offering medical check-ups. The check-up is carried out by a general practitioner inside the bus and includes eye tests, skin tests to check for any melanomas, body composition analysis and blood tests, with special attention to cholesterol and blood glucose levels. A booklet is given to everyone with the test results and any advice by the GP. As a result of this programme, many cases of serious illness have been identified especially involving the cardiovascular system and cases of melanomas; in these cases, the patients were invited to contact a specialist.
          • since 2013 we have been supporting the Safety Bus project targeted to local primary schoolchildren. The aim is to raise their awareness of road safety and the perception of common domestic accidents. The initiative is promoted by United Way Hungary with the aim of decreasing the number of accidents and preventing high-risk situations at the earliest stage of life. The programme is managed by well-trained teachers and based on an interactive learning process focusing on improving cooperation among children with practical exercises, team work and drama pedagogy.


          Given the current period of severe economic crisis, we want to make a contribution to promoting social integration and inclusion by supporting initiatives for youth rehabilitation and for the insertion – or reinsertion – of individuals into social and working environments.

          Village Adoption is an initiative to facilitate the development of villages in the district of Palghar-Maharashtra in India, providing access to sanitation, clean water, electricity, adult education and professional training for 132 families covering a population of 591 people in the villages. This adoption is part of the CSN program of Future Generali India "Sneh" through which Generali commits to build and support sustainable solutions for key issues relating to education, health&safety and environment. The project was carried out in association with Lokanayak Jayaprakash Narayan Leprosy Eradication Trust, an organization dedicated to improving the condition of villages throughout the state.

          Generali is a founding member of Entrepreneurs d'avenir. This initiative brings together in a unique community of entrepreneurs willing to connect economic performance and social responsibility; it encourages the exchange of experiences in order to suggest actions of social responsibility, useful at economic and political level. In 2018 a new format of events was created across France for sharing best practices that will help our agents to build their own network.


          We are committed to preserving our artistic and cultural heritage, believing that we must take care of the beauty we are surrounded by today, in order to be able to enjoy it tomorrow.

          Bringing back the ancient splendour of one of a kind cultural heritage: the Royal Gardens in Piazza San Marco, in Venice. This the Venice Gardens Foundation’s restoration project, which in partnership with Generali Group, aims to give the botanical park back to Venice community, to its citizens, students and tourists. Placed in the heart of Venice on a wide area surrounded by water, between Piazza Grande and the Bacino of San Marco, the Royal Gardens were in an urgent need of restoration. The opening of the Gardens in December 2019 has respected the original idea of the Gardens while integrating it within the contemporary urban view. Thanks to the project to restore the Royal Gardens, Generali has once more interpreted its role as a patron of the arts in an innovative way. And joining the same international and multicultural Venetian spirit, Generali has started the restoration of the Procuratie Vecchie on Piazza San Marco, as the future home of The Human Safety Net and a permanent place of discussion on the main social and sustainability issues worldwide.

          In partnership with the Cini Foundation, Generali opens the Palazzo Cini house- museum in Venice to the public for the fifth consecutive year, giving people the chance to admire its prestigious ancient and modern art collection as well as more contemporary works. Generali is an institutional supporter of the Cini Foundation, with which it shares a commitment to promoting culture and making it more accessible. An example of this is the new jointly-developed videoguide system with touchscreen technology which will lift the lid on the site of the Foundation, on the island of San Giorgio in Venice, and its immense historic, artistic and architectural wealth.

          In Venice, a city that perfectly encapsulates the Group’s international and multicultural vocation, Generali has been supporting the reopening to the public of Palazzo Cini in San Vio since 2014 with the aim of sharing its unique artistic legacy.


          In case of catastrophic events such as floods and earthquakes, we act as insurers, by setting up dedicated channels and preferential procedures for the claims settlement, and we also provide financial and material help to the populations affected.

          In July 2018, an earthquake of magnitude 6.9 struck Lombok island, Indonesia. In response to this event, Generali Indonesia (Generali PT Asuransi Jiwa Generali Indonesia) launched a fundraising campaign to support the victims families. Assicurazioni Generali also provided its assistance, by supporting the Indonesian association Yayasan Hope.

          In 2018, Future Generali India Insurance supported Plan International, an international NGO aiming at protecting and promoting children's rights, in supporting the populations of the four most affected districts by frequent floods; in 2018, they regarded in particular Kerala region, in the south of India. Generali specifically provided a combined kit for domestic use and personal hygiene for 83 families affected by the floods.