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          Becoming a Lifetime partner to our customers

          Being a Lifetime partner to customers allows us to transform our role from a mere product vendor to a provider of integrated solutions that add genuine value to people’s lives, their health, their home, their mobility and their work.

          Our ambition is to be a Lifetime partner to our customers by combining simplicity and innovation with empathy and care along the entire customer journey, at all touchpoints and channels. We strive to be proactive and focused on customer relationships and integrate protection, prevention and assistance, creating tailor-made products and services that meet our clients’ needs.

          Becoming a Lifetime partner to our customers

          “We truly believe that Lifetime partner can differentiate us from our peers, help us deepen relationships with our existing customers and attract new prospects. Which is why our ambition is to be #1 in RNPS among our European International peers by 2021.”

          Isabelle Conner, Group Chief Marketing & Customer Officer

          We will therefore focus on 5 transformation actions:

          1. we will digitally enable our advisory distribution network: through the Agent Hub, we will provide distributors with adequate digital tools, training and the mindset to become true Lifetime partners, and we will provide our agents with a commercial dashboard that will include:
          • 360° view of the customer, including all of their products and the past interactions;
          • needs-based assessment tools   to   advice clients based on their stage of life;
          • the possibility to personally involve the customer through the digital and social channels;
          • campaign management tools that allow Generali to manage new solution launches;
          1. we will offer the best in class proposition and service innovations with the benefit of digital and data analytics;
          2. we will seamlessly connect Generali, our agents and customers together on mobile and web (Mobile and Web Hub);
          3. we will continue to listen to our customers and to act based on their feedback in order to improve the service offered across all touchpoints;
          4. we will strengthen our brand1 to become 1st choice in the Relationship Net Promoter Score2 amongst our European international peers by 2021.

          1Scope: Generali in Europa, Asia, Argentina and Turkey.
          2 This approach is like T-NPS, but covers the overall relationship and is not focused on a specific transaction.